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Due to popular request, the Babes Against Biotech Hawaii voting guide is now available.

This voting guide is for the Primary elections only. Candidates not included are in the General race and you can view all candidates for all elections by clicking here. 


We will release a General Election voting guide after the Primary races. 


Though we specialize in chemical, pesticide and genetic engineering, environmental policy and education, this is a general guide to elections from the perspective of Hawaii's largest environmental organization. Our members and subscribers expressed a range of concerns outside of agricultural issues and we have done our best to get the answers from candidates on over a dozen questions. 


Right now you can view the Governor, State Senate, House races and Maui, Kauai and Hawaii County races. 


The Lt. Governor, Honolulu, Hawaii County and Federal race guides will be coming out shortly. We are not covering OHA races, that is outside of our purview. 


If you are looking for candidates endorsed by environmental organizations in Hawaii, the Sierra Club Hawaii Chapter and Hawaii Center for Food Safety Action Fund have put out endorsements. Babes Against Biotech is not doing an endorsement list, we are doing a guide for voter education. 


General information guides about candidates are also available through the

League of Women Voters and Civil Beat's Candidate Q&A.


We issued candidate surveys to gain a broad view of issues Hawaii is facing. In preparing this guide we sought to provide candidate survey responses and platform summaries, indicate key votes of incumbents and indicate the presence of campaign contributions from chemical companies engineering genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Hawaii and their registered lobbyists. It should be noted that some lobbyists represent numerous entities so it is important to look at votes and other issues before determining undue influence as a private citizen.

As always, we encourage you to do your own due diligence and teach others what you learn.


You will be able to view itemized contributions to candidates which have received funding from chemical+GMO pesticide companies or lobbyists or verification which candidates have received no chem+GMO funding. Campaign finance records were obtained from the Campaign Spending Commission which recently changed the website and removed the raw data links we have been accessing for years. We had linked all of the candidate campaign funds and had to remove them because the raw data CSC website was temporarily offline so you will need to look up overall contributions individually by candidate. Common Cause also has cool new apps to look up funding info. 


The practices of such pesticide producing chemical+GMO companies such as Dow, Monsanto, Syngenta, BASF and DuPont/Pioneer are prohibited in 32 countries are we are deeply concerned that the Hawaiian islands are being used as an open air testing ground with more than 5,000 open air genetically engineered experiments. The FDA performs zero testing on GMOs and the EPA performs zero safety testing on pesticides and yet the multiple growing seasons in Hawaii mean thousands of pounds of pesticides being sprayed which puts our health, community, air, land and water at risk. 


If you missed the Primary voter registration cutoff, you can still register for the November 4th General Election before October 6th. 


If you have any questions or notice any technical errors, please email us at or visit our social media hub on Facebook. 



Aloha ʻĀina,  


Babes Against Biotech





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